Unlock Your Creativity!
Improv Etc. creates innovative workshops which provide a fun and creative environment in which to learn and practice fresh approaches to the varying needs of organizations.  Workshops are tailored to  your organization's needs, including:
  • Enhancing presentation skills
  • Improving communication
  • Creative risk taking
  • Diversity training
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Increasing employee satisfaction
  • Team building
  • Boosting confidence
Through fun, games and laughter participants learn and practice various improvisation skills which can be applied to both their  professional and personal lives. Many participants report feeling more comfortable, connected and spontaneous both in front of an audience and in interpersonal relationships.
Spotlight Interview:
Susan Kaessinger on
The Art of Improv
2013 Creek Award Winner
Yes, And Award
(for Best Improv)
Corporate Training Workshops
Workshops can be ongoing, intensive or one time. You can select any combination of the workshops below or request custom workshops to meet the needs of your organization.
ContactSusan Kaessinger at or 917-921-3167 for a consultation.
Susan Kaessinger
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